Sarah MoyerEdit

Sarah Moyer

Survivor 196

Sarah Moyer

Gender Female
Birth September 22, 1999 (age 16)
Family  (Mother)

(Father, deceased)

Occupation Student

Gamer of Gamerz

First Appearance "Pilot"
Actor Information
Portrayed By Bianca Kajlich

Sarah's smart, spunky and tenacious, but 15 year-old Sarah has inquisitive nature that sometimes gets her in over her head. She doesn't always get the guys' nerdy game references, but she is anxious to help out. She is pretty but is very nosy.


She has a brother named Joaquin (Walkeen). She came up with the idea of Future Favors. She works at Banshee's Superstar Diner. She likes journalism and has a diary that Norma snuck into, but Deckard created one for her that was "un-hackable". She has a crush on Phil. She dosen't play the game but she reads the book about the game. Have a pet iguana.

Has an avatar called Angelina Lacoratisca, is a girl with short hair pink, wears an outfit full of scales and a tail iguana iguana has a black belt in karate where prey is an iguana that takes pictures through the mouth and exits as feces and a newspaper.

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