The School View
Season: 1
Episode: 1 (season)

1 (series)

Production Code: 102
Guest Stars:
  • Alexander Gould as Alex Simon
  • Bridgit Mendler as Brooke Thesis
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Jennifer
  • Cher Lloyd as Vanessa
  • Anna Kendrick as Aubrey
  • McKayla Maroney as Deb
  • Kelsey Ford as Angela Idris
  • Liam Payne as Rick Moyer
  • Matt Bennett as Jason
Writer: Xavier Jackson
Director: Xavier Jackson
Originally Aired: March 18, 2005



"The Awesomest Of Them All"

Pilot is the 1st episode of the first season of Gamerz. Sarah make friends with Nelson , John and Eric and her pack in their school, but they later abandon them for "Brooke's Squad", the so-called popular kids.


The Episode starts with Sarah Moyer moving from Arizona to California and she is then greeted by Rick's friend Jason and his son Sarah's old friend Alex Then Rick purchaces a car for a homecoming gift for Sarah.

Sarah meets people in her school on her first day. Students includes, Nelson Tate , John Will , Eric Blake , Jennifer , Brooke Thesis , Vanessa , Aubrey , Angela Idris and Deb.

At the cafeteria, Sarah learns about Miles Fisher who is an ultimate computer geek and Sarah starts to reconize him alot and starts to notice that's her pen pal "Deckard" and they greet each other and notice they have biology together and they started having classes together and as soon as things got a little weird Sarah felt more uncomfterable and left and she started to hang out with Nelson John and Eric some more and they stared to play alot of video games and when Jennifer tells Sarah that everytime her friends always leave because is that their hanging out with Brooke and the cheerleaders so when Sarah gets upset she tries to get it all out but she couldn't so she got Jennifer to go over to help her out to take her to the movies and when she ditches Sarah with gangsters Sarah gets hurt

The next day, Sarah is still hurt from the pain of her friends leaving her and the pain the gangsters gave her and when she confronts Brooke about stealing her friends and being so fake and anggrivating Brooke pushes her into the pool and notice Sarah was drowning and they ran away and then her friends came over to rescue her even though they were such jackasses to her for days and days so they got her out and apologized to each other and Deckard came over and wondered what the hell happended and Sarah commented nothing happended


  • Sarah : Do you ever wonder what Deckard is thinking
  • Jennifer : Nope...(singing) but i know what he is thinking
  • Sarah : Shut Up (chuckles)
  • Jennifer : Come on don't be such a late weight go on and ask him out
  • Sarah : Why
  • Jennifer : Cause other than Brooke you might me his first choice if you don't get up and ask him dammit
  • Sarah : Right


  • This is the first episode in the series Originally, Taking Up Spaces was gonna be but it was slanted down until later in the season

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