Survivor 253


Gender Female
Birth September 22, 1999 (age 16)
Occupation Student
First Appearance "Pilot"
Actor Information
Portrayed By Anneliese van der Pol

Jennifer is a student in Mand Roster High School , She is Sarah's best friend even though she sometimes be mean to her behind her back she could still be a good friend.


On Sarah Moyer's first d
Sarah and Jennifer

Jennifer at lunch with Sarah

ay at Mand Roster High School, Jennifer becomes her friend, hoping to share some of the attention she has already begun to receive from the school's boy students, particularly Eric. Miles catch Sarah's eye at lunch and asks about them; Jennifer is the one who tells her what she knows.

She tends to be more interested in Sarah's popularity than her actual character, and is sometimes jealous of Eric's affections toward the girl. She also takes both Spanish and Trigonometry with Sarah during their Junior year.

Eric asks Jennifer to prom at Sarah's suggestion and they date briefly, though th
Jennifer 2

Jennifer in "That Smarts"

eir relationship ended sometime

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