Survivor 195

Miles "Deckard" Black

Gender Male
Birth September 22, 1999 (age 16)
Family  (Mother)

(Father, deceased)

Occupation Student

Gamer of Gamerz

First Appearance "Pilot"
Actor Information
Portrayed By Ryan Marriman

16 year-old Miles "Deckard" Black is the high school quarterback. He's a charming, computer geek who keeps his love of online fantasy games a secret, because it could really hurt his rep if that kind of thing got out. His dad was the mayor of Mt. Abraham.


Deckard is relatively cool headed most of the time, but whenever their is a problem with a leak, or his social life, than he'll freak out. During a fight, whether it's in the game or real life, he's level headed and determined to get the job done, he does however have a fear of rodents. He also tends to say Alright whenever he succeeds in the game. When he sees something cute he loses his cool faster than lightning.

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