Brooke ThesisEdit

Brooke Thesis
Survivor 197

Brooke Thesis

Gender Female
Birth September 22, 1999 (age 16)
Family Cnthya (Mother)

Anthony (Father)

Occupation Student


First Appearance "Pilot"
Actor Information
Portrayed By Bridgit Mendler

Brooke Thesis is Sarah Moyer's charleton High School classmate, fellow cheerleader, and her archrival since at least middle school.


Brooke usually comes off as very mean, rude, and snobby with a dismissive,cold attitude, and a superiority complex towards Sarah, Ron Stoppable, their friends, and people in general, whom she considers to be beneath her.

Brooke was very much concerned about the proverbial "food chain" at their high school and angled to keep her position on it by saving seats at lunch for the even more popular senior, Angela, and by dating Brad Dobson, the then star quarterback of the Middleton High football team as that was considered a status symbol.

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